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Marise KG Hypnobirthing Teacher in the Netherlands
KG Hypnobirthing Teacher

Marise Bout


My story

Giving birth intuitively

On the first visit to my midwife¬†as a pregnant woman in 2018, I picked up the first book I saw in the midwifes’ library. A book written by a lady of colour about a natural way of giving birth. Her grandmother was born in Ghana. She described how women in her grandmother’s homeland intuitively know how to give birth and believe in themselves, something she did not always take for granted here in the Netherlands. That’s why she had immersed herself in Hypnobirthing, a method of relaxing and confidently going into childbirth.

Getting started with hypnobirthing

This story really appealed to me, since my upcoming baby was also half-Ghanaian. After some inquiries it turned out that a good friend of mine had also done Hypnobirthing. When I had to choose a pregnancy course, the choice for this method was made quickly. As a result, I booked a hypnobirthing course in Nieuwegein and learned a number of hypnobirthing methods: Breathing techniques, visualising, affirmations, massage, physical exercises and preparing me for childbirth together with my partner. In addition, I received a lot of information about pregnancy and birth and became familiar with the different possibilities of how, where and with whom to give birth.

Own sauce

Since I already had experience with body-mind techniques as a naturopath therapist, I found that with hypnobirhting I could build on this basis. So I practiced only what suited me and I added my own sauce to meditation and body work. As the course progressed, my confidence in my body and mind grew. Giving birth. I’d never done it before, but I still believed I could do it.

Positive birth story

Finally, as a 39-year-old, I gave birth at home with a bath birth to my first child. What a gift to give birth as a woman in my own familiar home environment. It went as I wished for, with a small circle of people around me that I liked to have. All this while there was a lot going on around me. I moved along on the waves of life and my body. My baby came into the world healthy and the seed for Natural Waves was also born.

Choice KG Hypnobirthing

I like to pass on the tools for a positive birth story to other women. I have chosen to do the training with the British hypnotherapist Katharine Graves, who is a world leader in this field. She keeps her teachers up-to-date with the latest developments and can count on a global community of birth workers who continuously feed her with knowledge and skills. Moreover, as a university-educated Social Geographer, I also enjoyed being able to do the training in an international setting in Glasgow, together with British midwives, hypnobirthing mothers and other body-mind specialists.

Woman of the world

In my lessons, in addition to Katharine Graves’ teaching materials, I also share my experience with body work and additional meditation techniques where appropriate.

Even kennismaken

Hi there

Qualified and inspired

After the birth of my own daughter with hypnobirthing in 2019, I followed the Teacher Training KG Hypnobirthing in Great Britain. I am happy to pass on this gift as a seed of natural peace that may grow and blossom in mother, partner and child. During and after pregnancy.

Experienced care provider

Birth and pregnancy, that is my specialisation as an integrated naturopathic therapist. The body-mind methods I apply at Natural Waves Body Mind Centre are supportive of pregnancy complaints such as oedema (fluid retention), nausea, insomnia, digestive complaints and respiratory blockages. I am a member of the BATC, a recognised professional association for complementary medicine with regulations for, among other things, practice, intervision and training (including basic medical knowledge at HBO level).

Woman of the world

I was born in 1979, am the mother of a beautiful daughter and live with my family in the city of Utrecht. After a university degree in Human Geography, I worked for many years as an independent consultant for organisations at home and abroad on projects around community building and participation. There I gained extensive experience in training groups (and you can still approach me for inspiration and workshops). Longing for more grounding and meaningfulness, from 2014 I started to train myself in nature-oriented methods in addition to my chores, and also embarked on a more conscious path on a personal level. For example, I applied myself to movement art and meditation from China and Tibet (with Western application). Through this deepening I walk my way with more and more ease, space and connection.