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Create a birth plan with elements of hypnobirthing. After reading a book about hypnobirthing or taking a hypnobirthing course, you are about to make a birth plan. Where are you supposed to think? Birth plan or birth wishes? I always speak of birth wishes instead of birth plans. The word birth plan

The baseline of hypnobirthing The baseline of hypnobirthing is simple. How can we summarise the core themes covered in the hypnobirthing course in a shortlist of points? With this mnemonic of six c's you can always remember. Confidence - Trusting your intuition and your body and how it is designed to

Hypnobirthing audio helps you prepare positively for a calm, relaxed birth as part of the full hypnobirthing training program. Besides visualizations, body work, knowledge about the functioning of your female body and birth care, the sound files are an important foundation of hypnobirthing. Here's a guide to using these auditory