How to create a birth plan in Holland

How to create a birth plan in Holland

Here a quick guide for create a birth plan in the Netherlands. After reading a book about hypnobirthing or taking a hypnobirthing course, you are about to make a birth plan. Where are you supposed to start?

Birth plan or birth wishes?

I always speak of birth wishes instead of birth plans. The word birth plan is quite well established in the Netherlands. But still good to think about its meaning. A plan can sound very well-defined, birth wishes leave more room for agility. But whatever word you end up using, the content is the same. The point is that you, preferably together with your birth partner, think in advance about the options that are available for your birth. By formulating these, it is clear to both yourself and first responders how you want it. So everyone can assist you with that. It is to have your head free when you are in labor, so that you can surrender there with body and mind.

Visual or textual outline?

You can write out your birth wishes. Another way is to create icons so that it becomes visual. Since visual information is processed much faster than written ones, there is certainly something to be said for adding visual elements. For you, the birth of your baby is a unique event, but not for your caregivers, for whom supporting births is their job. Then it is useful if it is clear at a glance how they can support your specific delivery.

Request example

Would you like to read what a hypnobirthing birth plan can look like? I also made it myself for the birth of my daughter. If you send me an email, you will be happy to send my Dutch birth wishes in PDF for inspiration. Then you see about which things you can make personal choices about. Do you want more tools for making a birth plan? During my hypnobirthing course we will go even deeper into all possibilities.